LaserPecker 2 Rotary
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               LaserPecker 2 Roller
LaserPecker 2 Rotary
               aux booster
               LaserPecker Axis Net Booster
               LaserPecker Accessories
               LaserPecker 2 Roller

LaserPecker 2 Rotary The Best Accessories of Third Axis or Auxiliary Booster



LaserPecker 2 RotarySelling Points:

  1. 360° Cylindrical Rotating Engraving
  2. Maximum Engraving Area: 100*2000mm
  3. LaserPecker Accessories Upgraded
  4. Made of Anodised Aluminium, More Smoothly and Won't Rust
  5. LaserPecker 2 Rotary gives you more print modes
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rotary engraver for sale
LaserPecker 2 Versatile Electrical Roller Features and Advantages
When connect LaserPecker 2 with an electrical versatile roller, you can use three more engraving modes i.e. Slab Mode, Cylindrical Mode and Trolly Mode. The engraving area can extend from 100mm*100mm (the standard one) to 2,000mm--5,000mm when in Slab and Mode and Trolly and you can also easily engrave on Cylindrical objects when in Cylindrical
360° Cylindrical Rotating Engraving
Conventional engravers offer very limited engraving options, and you’re limited to only one way to engrave- flat on the table. What if you really need a portable, handheld engraving solution that handles anything? LaserPecker2 is capable of 360° rotating engravings on cylindrical objects, as well as curved or uneven surfaces. LaserPecler 2 simply does it all.
laserpecker auxiliary booster
Trolly Mode:
The engraving size is several times that of other frame engraving machines.
third axis or auxiliary booster for laserpecker
Max 100*2000mm Engraving Area
With the LaserPecker 2 Auxiliary Booster, the maximum engraving size is supersized up to 100*2000mm giving you the option to engrave anything up to two meters in size effortlessly.
How to Use LaserPecker 2 Versatile Electrical Roller ?
Connect LP2 Versatile Electrical Roller to the laser head with a Type-C cable. Make sure the LaserPecker logo on it the same direction as the one on the basement plate of the LP2 laser machine. Turn on the Third Axis mode on LaserPecker app, choose which module you’d like to use: Slab, Trolly, Cylindrical.
laserpecker 2 versatile vlectrical roller for sale lp2 electrical roller Slab Mode:
Choose Slab Mode on APP. Take off the 2 sliding magnetic blocks attached underneath the electrical roller, and put one of them in front of the roller, the other behind. The side with all 4 small stainless balls face up. Lay the flat engraving materialon top of the roller, set the focus distance to 110mm and get ready for engraving. (Max engraving area: 100mm*2,000mm) slab mode of laserpecker 2 Trolly Mode: Choose Trolly Mode on APP. Put the roller upside down, attach 2 sliding magnetic blocks to one side of it with all 4 small stainless balls face down. Take down the laser head from the electrical stand and assemble it to the roller using the C shaped mounting bracket. In this way, LP2 looks like a small trolly. Put it on the engraving material, the focus distance is exactly 110mm. Then get ready for engraving. (Max engraving area: 100mm*2,000mm-5,000mm, depending on the simplicity of the design) trolly mode of laserPecker 2 Cylindrical mode: Choose Cylindrical Mode on APP. Put cylindrical object on the roller. If the surface of the material is sleek, please tie 2 silicone coils on both ends of the object to make it stabilized. Use the L shaped measuring plate to make sure the focal length 110mm and get ready for engraving. (Max engraving area: 100mm*100mm) cylindrical mode of laserpecker 2

LaserPecker 2 Rotary Specification: 

1. Circular rotating engraving at 1.360 degrees,The 360° rotating engraving capability of LaserPecker2 extends to curved or uneven surfaces as well as cylindrical objects. LaserPecler 2 is a one-stop shop.

2. Maximum Engraving Area: 100x2000mm, The LaserPecker 2 Auxiliary Booster increases the maximum engraving size to 100*2000mm, allowing you to easily engrave objects up to two meters in size.

3. Features and Benefits of the LaserPecker 2 Versatile Electrical Roller, By using an electrical versatile roller, also known as a Laserpecker 2 Third Axis, you can expand your options and increase your enjoyment.

4.You can use three additional engraving modes, namely Slab Mode, Cylindrical Mode, and Trolly Mode, when you connect the LaserPecker 2 to an electrical versatile roller. When in Slab and Mode and Trolly, the engraving area can range from 100mm*100mm (the standard size) to 2,000mm–5,000mm. When in Cylindrical Mode, you can also easily engrave on cylindrical objects.

AKA: the auxiliary booster, The third axis

18.6 cm*12.7 cm*3.7 cm

Dark gray in color

Aluminum that has been anodized

1.60 kilograms

5V/2A input powe

LaserPecker 2 Rotary Package:

Electrical roller*1
Mounting bracket*1
Sliding magnetic block *2
Type-C cable*1
Silicone bands*8

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