xTool D1 Pro 10W
    xTool D1 Pro-10W laser
    Higher Accuracy xTool D1
    xTool D1 Laser
    xTool D1 laser engraving machine
    xTool D1 laser engraver
    Diode Laser xTool D1 Pro
xTool D1 Pro 10W
    xTool D1 Pro-10W laser
    Higher Accuracy xTool D1
    xTool D1 Laser
    xTool D1 laser engraving machine
    xTool D1 laser engraver
    Diode Laser xTool D1 Pro

xTool D1 Pro Laser Engraver 10W Output Power Ultra Accurate And Fast Laser Cutter DIY Master


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xTool D1 Pro Laser Engraver Selling Point:
  • D1 Pro laser engraving machine combines 2 laser beams into 1 beam, which can cut 10mm wood and 5mm black acrylic at one time, and the speed is up to 24000mm/m
  • Adopts 0.08mm*0.06mm ultra-fine compressed light spot, the cutting surface is clean and smooth, with fewer burn marks, you can directly engrave on wood, stainless steel, glass, etc
  • The 10W xTool D1 Pro is made of aluminum alloy and steel, you can directly engrave on wood, stainless steel, glass, etc., it proves the stability and high precision even at the highest speed, and the service life is 3 times longer than ordinary laser cutting machines
  • The super powerful laser beam instantly oxidizes the metal surface, bringing more than 340 colors to the engraved metal, no longer limited to black/gray
  • 4 limit switches are installed on the D1 Pro laser for positioning the laser head
  • Equipped with a flame sensor and acceleration sensor, if the machine detects flame or moves/overturns, xTool D1 Pro will automatically stop processing
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    xtool d1 pro

    High Accuracy xTool D1 Pro Laser Cutting & Engraving Machine

    Adopted industrial grade structural design, xTool D1 laser processing accuracy reaches 0.01 mm incredibly. With 0.08*0.06mm ultra-fine compressed laser spot, xTool D1 Pro always shows the best details whether in engraving or cutting.
    xtool laser engraver

    Ultrafine Lines with Compressed Spot Tech

    Smaller laser focus (from 0.15*0.15mm to 0.08*0.06mm) makes impeccable details, thanks to compresssed spot tech xtool laser engraving machine

    Improve The Accuracy to The Extreme

    xtool d1 laser

    100% Duplicate and Reprint Your Design

    xtool d1

    Better Laser Enhances Cutting & Engraving Effects

    wood laser cutter

    Better Software at Your Service

    laser engraver
    Get started quickly with our user-friendly software: XCS
    Updating Project Files
    Batch Processing with Circular Array
    Default Working Parameters for Materials
    xtool d1 pro software
    Compatible with mature engraving software: LightBurn
    The layout, editing, and control software for common laser engraver. Engraving file format supports NC, BMP, JPG, PNG, DXF, etc. 

    Safe to Use

    The emergency stop will be triggered by the detection of flames, smoke and tipping.
    xtool d1 price
    xtool laser manual
    Details Matter
    sale xtool d1 pro
    New Protective Design for Laser
    New structural design of the light shield prevents laser lenses polluting by smoke and reducing dust accumulations inside the shield.
    xtool laser cutting engraving
    Large Engraving Area
    A large working area of 430*390 mm ( 17*15.4 inch ), more than the size of A3 paper, allows you to engrave more patterns at once. Easy to use and more efficient.
    what does d1 mean
    The Risers
    Use additional risers (sold separately) to increase the height of xTool D1 Pro to facilitate the engraving of higher objects(use 2 sets to increase height to 140mm). Customize your skateboard or basketball to make them cooler.
    xtool laser cutting engraving
    Just Connect
    You can transfer data via Wi-Fi, USB cable, a large capacity TF card (Offline Use) and use xTool D1 Pro anytime and anywhere.
    Genius Ideas from xTool Fans xtool laser idea


    • Type: xTool D1 Pro-10W  
    • Machine Power: 60W
    • Laser Electric Power: 40W
    • Laser Module Output Power: 10W
    • Laser Spot: 0.08*0.10mm
    • Routing Speed: 400 mm/s 
    • Working Area: 430 * 390 mm (16.93 * 15.35 inch)
    • Max. Workpiece Height: 50 mm (2 inch)
    • Max. Workpiece Height with X risers: 50mm+X*45mm(each set riser height column)
    • Connecting Interfaces: USB/Wi-Fi/TF Card
    • Certification: FCC / FDA / CE
    • Operating Systems: Windows/macOS/Android/iOS
    • Control Software: xTool Creative Space / LightBurn
    • File Type(s): SVG/DXF/JPG/JPEG/PNG/BMP/TIF/CR2, etc.


    • 1. The xTool D1 Pro laser engraver has 60w machine power and 10w output power. Combining 2 laser beams into 1, D1 Pro laser engraving machine is capable of cutting a 10mm wood board and a 5mm black acrylic board in ONE PASS, and at a speed up to 240000mm/m.
    • 2.The xTool D1 adopts a 0.08mm*0.06mm ultra-fine compression spot, paired with excellent laser engraving technology, resulting in detailed, vivid engraving images and clean, smooth cutting surface with fewer burn marks. You can direcrly engrave on wood, stainless steel, glass and more.
    • 3. Made of aluminum alloy and steel, xTool D1 Pro 10W has a sturdy structural design that can easily withstand a 200 LB adult's weights on it, provens stability and high acuracy(0.004 inches) even working at the highest speed. Built with Industrial grade robust design, D1 Pro has 3 X longer lifetime than ordinary laser cutting machines.
    • 4. Super powerful laser beam oxidizes the metallic surface in instant, bringing vivid colors to the engraved metal. The color of metal engraving will no longer be limited to black/grey. Your creativity will be brought to the next levels with 340+ colors.
    • 5. Adjust focus in 3 seconds with focal length setting bar. 4 limit switches are installed on D1 Pro 10W to locate the laser head and alet you the 4 boundaries if the laser head about to hit them. Easy to start DIY with xTool Creative Space software. Designed for starter, XCS has FREE sample projects, design materials and fonts, as well as default parameters for commonly used materials. xTool D1 Pro is also compatible with Lightburn for more advance functions.
    • 6. Equipped with flame sensor and acceleration sensor, xTool D1 Pro will stop processing automatically if the machine detects flames or moving/tiping.

    Package Include:

    • 1 x xTool D1 Pro 10W Machine
    • 8 x Raisers
    • 1 x RA2 Pro  Rotary Roller
    xtool authorization
    Review List
    This is the real deal!
    The exterior of the xTool D1 Pro is aesthetically pleasing, and it's a well-made product. I like red very much, so this red laser engraving machine is deeply in my heart.
    To learn laser engraving machines, learning is a process that you must go through. Xtool and all the community provide so much support that it is easy to recommend their products to others.
    Dan P
    xTool D1 Pro is really great, it is able to cut and engrave in sometimes half the time it used to, which is fantastic! It allows me to get more work done in less time.
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