Laser stone engraving machine is a CO2 laser engraver, which is used to engrave stone (including marble, granite, headstone, gravestone, tombstone, soapstone, ceramic tiles and other types of stone).

Since each gemstone varies in quality, hardness, texture, and color, it's best to test different gemstones and vary the laser power and speed settings.

Laser processing dark granite and marble is very popular because the etching contrasts with the dark substrate. Due to its delicate texture, marble is used for laser processing of detailed photos, images, logos and fine text. Slate and ceramic also leave a clean contrasting finish.

Laser marking memorials or tombstones are often expensive. Most tombstones are made of granite due to durability, but even sandstone, slate, and natural slate have been used and create unique contrasting effects when laser etched. Custom or personalised brick, cobblestone, tile, stone or any other natural (organic) solid surface can and is used by companies, builders, architects, gardeners, retail stores and DIY makers as a unique way to add perceived value to their art pieces.