Laser Engraving & Cutting Ideas

Laser-engraved ornaments have long been a consumer favorite. For example, laser engraved wood decoration, laser engraved acrylic holiday pendant, laser engraved crystal ball, etc. Other materials used to decorate laser engraving ideas include plexiglass, bicolor, MDF, plywood, metal, and more. Laser engraving wood ornaments take advantage of the unlimited nature of laser engraving and cutting machines for graphic processing. You can paint any creative image on wood and combine it into a fun ornament after coloring. The laser engraved acrylic and crystal decorations are more dazzling under the light of various colors. In addition, laser engraved metal or acrylic jewelry is also very popular among female consumers. Personalized laser engraving decoration can make your home, store or hotel more attractive.

If you're in the laser world, chances are you've done typical laser engraving projects such as key chains, wood signs, acrylic jewelry, or general home decor. These projects are among the most shared on social media and laser forums. While they're certainly worth the money, we're all hungry for brand new laser engraver project ideas that inspire us to create something new! If you're looking for some different laser cutting and engraving ideas, this blog will teach you how to laser engrave five unique DIY laser projects you've never heard of.