Discover the Applications of Laser Engraving Machines

Kevin on 2022-10-29 01:30:16

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Laser markers are very versatile tools capable of engraving, marking, and cutting on metal (also coated), as well as engraving on plastic. Their application possibilities are numerous, as the right laser settings can give very satisfactory results from an engraving or marking quality point of view while guaranteeing that the processed objects will not be damaged in any way.

Which Materials Can be Marked with Laser

Laser marking ensures excellent results on a very wide range of materials:

Metal: The laser allows you to engrave on metal, which is also coated. Using a laser marker, it is possible to obtain impeccable engravings on gold, silver, platinum, bronze, steel, aluminum, copper, and many other metals used in gold and industry.
Plastics: Even plastic materials can be effectively engraved by laser and can successfully engrave various types of plastics such as ABS, PBT, etc.

Application of Laser Marking Machine

Given the versatility of laser technology, markers using this tool can be used for countless applications:

Jewelry and Goldsmithing: Lasers allow you to obtain precise and accurate engravings in a short period of time without damaging the treated object in any way, and without acting on hard-to-reach surfaces or particularly fragile or fragile parts. For this reason, lasers can be successfully used in the goldsmithing industry or in all other areas of craftsmanship that require precise and precise interventions, with particular attention to the final aesthetic result. It's important to remember that laser markers don't necessarily need a lot of space, and there are solutions - such as the Ortur Laser Master 3 and xTool D1 Pro model - even in small craftsman labs.

Industrial product marking and Datamatrix engraving: Using a laser, a large number of products can be marked in a short period of time, enabling them to be traced over time as required by industry sector regulations. However, marking is not the only guarantee for laser applications in the industrial sector: thanks to the software installed on the machine, it is also possible to use the marking machine to easily engrave products with barcodes or QR codes, possibly even in progress, as well as logos, industrial brands, etc. . It should also be remembered that lasers allow you to engrave hard-to-reach parts of your product, and marking machines with special software - such as the LaserPecker 2 - can also be used to mark non-planar surfaces.

Micro-Cutting: A properly calibrated laser marking machine is capable of cutting surfaces several millimeters thick, ensuring extremely precise interventions. The process takes some time because the laser cuts by repeatedly passing over the same part of the object, but the results are particularly satisfying from an accuracy standpoint.

Photolithography: Lasers also allow photolithography on metals, replicating images or photographs on selected surfaces. This application takes advantage of the laser's ability to engrave or blacken material with heat and achieve very satisfactory results (obviously affected by the resolution of the starting image). All laser engraver allow performing this type of process, which is a testament to the high precision that laser technology can achieve.

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