Acrylic Laser Engraving Best Laser Engraver for Acrylic

You can laser engrave or cut lots of different materials but acrylic is a favorite for most laser engraving & cuttiing enthusiasts thanks to its numerous benefits. For starters, acrylic looks fresh at all times.

Secondly, it cuts smoothly making it a great material to use with the laser. In addition, it is affordable and yet has a high-end appeal. Last but not least, acrylic can be used to make a wide array of products including but not limited to signages, gifts, and awards.

There is some confusion around what acrylic sheet products can and can not be cut on the laser engraver. As with any system, a diode based laser such as the Atomstack, has a unique set of advantages and limitations which govern what can and can not be cut or engraved.

The key to understanding this, is to consider the laser beam itself as a highly concentrated beam of light. Different types of laser produce beams at different frequencies, some within and some outside of the ‘visible spectrum’. To cut or engrave, the energy from that beam must be absorbed by the material, which then either melts, burns, or vaporises away.

The Atomstack’s Diode Laser operates at a frequency between 455±5nm, which is within the ‘visible spectrum’ and is approximately blue in colour. Because of this, most materials that absorb blue light can be cut or engraved:

Clear Materials:

Optically clear materials allow light from the visible spectrum to pass through them – As such the lasers power is not absorbed by the material, and cutting is not possible.

Note: It is possible to engrave the surface of clear material, using the method described under the ‘Surface Engraving’ heading.