Laser Engraving Cutting Machine Reviews

The Atomstack S20 Pro Pro is one of the most powerful diode self-assembly laser engravers on the market. It follows the usual open design and connects with LightBurn, LaserGRBL or the app for easy laser engraving.

While the design may look familiar, once the components are laid out and you start building, you can immediately see Atomstack improve the quality and design.

This is a machine designed for those who want a quality laser engraver and cutter or to upgrade from an inexpensive low-power model. Despite its open design, many professional features also make it a viable option for small businesses.

The open extruded aluminum frame design of the S20 Pro and other self-build engravers is common for DIY hobbyist machines because they are easy to build and maintain. The only problem is that without a case, protective goggles must be worn, and good ventilation is essential, which also limits where they can be used.