What is SCULPFUN S30 Pro Max?

Miao on 2022-11-21 05:00:23

The best laser engraver: SCULPFUN S30 Pro Max 20W, to be precise, this is the fourth model to launch a 20W diode laser engraver. That is to say, there are not many 20W diode laser engraving machines, so it is easy to compare several machines.


The Sculpfun S30 Pro Max inherits the body design of its predecessor, the Sculpfun S10. However, the body color has been revised from light blue to dark blue.

The body is equipped with three laser modules with different energies: the 5W single laser module corresponds to the dummy Sculpfun S30, the 10W dual laser module corresponds to the mannequin Sculpfun S30 Pro, and the 20W quad laser module is the best configuration, referred to as SCULPFUN S30 Pro max .

Atomstack equipped their flagship model X20 Pro with air assist and air pump, which has been well received by customers. This could have formed a model, and I felt that different manufacturers would actively follow this technology in the future.

Now we see a similar air assist system on the SCULPFUN S30 Pro Max, which allows engravers to blow away smoke and dirt while engraving or cutting, reducing the surface temperature of the fabric and getting a beautiful job.

sculpfun laser pro max


Many customers said that no matter what type of laser module lens is, it may be damaged. This is because the lens may have particles attached to it that refract or diffuse the laser light as it passes through the lens.

The temperature is too high to crack the lens. But don't worry, the Sculpfun in the new kit is equipped with interchangeable lenses, which solves the worries of buyers.

It is worth mentioning that this time SCULPFUN has equipped their S30 series with two different expansion devices. The unique engraving space is about 400*400mm.

It is necessary to purchase the Y-axis extension device, and the engraving space can be increased to 935x400mm; the XY-axis extension device can be purchased to increase the maximum engraving space to 935x905mm, which will help you better handle large-space engraving or cutting work.

Automatically controlled air-assisted system: S30 series is equipped with an air-assisted 32-bit motherboard and a controlled air pump, which can intelligently control the gas-assisted switching during the engraving process through the Light Burn software M8 button. This makes engraving and cutting very sharp and may be suitable for making beautiful items.

High-pressure air-assisted nozzle: S30 series is equipped with a complex high-pressure air-assisted metal nozzle, which can generate a high-pressure airflow of 30L/min under the Sculpfun air assist pump, which greatly improves the cutting efficiency, and the cutting speed is faster than that without air assistance. More than five times faster.

Ultra-thin 20W laser: Adopting ultra-thin laser shaping technology, the laser focus of the S30 series is as thin as a hair, which is very effective whether it is engraving or cutting. The S30 Pro Max 20W is for the ultimate chopping speed for professionals, outlets or factories.

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