HTPOW at PaperWorld 25th-28th August 2022

2022-11-07 03:36:22

PaperWorld 2022 takes place in Frankfurt from August 25th to 28th. This is one of the largest office and paper industry events in the world, many manufacturers of laser engraving machines (eg: sculpfun, Atomstack and Ortur etc) have the opportunity to showcase new products in their products, my company (HPTOW) was also honored to participate in this activity.

sculpfun s10 PaperWord exhibition

Sculpfun demonstrated the powerful functions of its hot-selling model Sculpfun S10. Combined with advanced high-speed air assist and 10W high-density laser, Sculpfun S10 showed wood cutting performance comparable to industrial-grade lasers: First, the cutting efficiency was greatly improved, and the cutting speed was faster; The cutting penetration is stronger, and it can cut a lot of high-density wood; 3. The cutting surface is cleaner, and the strong airflow will blow away the residue, this effect aroused great interest in the laser engraver among booth visitors.

PaperWorld is not only a platform for acquiring new customers, it is also a platform for manufacturers to fully demonstrate the capabilities of their products, and it is also a great opportunity to meet people who have worked with us for many years. HTPOW would like to thank everyone who visited our booth and all the suppliers of various brands who supported our company.