LaserPecker Announces the Launch of the LaserPecker 4

2022-12-19 19:53:55

LaserPecker, the global leader in powerful, portable and affordable laser engravers, announces its latest product; the LaserPecker 4. This cutting-edge multi-material prosumer laser builds on innovative technological features pioneered by the company. With a more powerful 10W laser, a larger engraving area, and thicker cutting capabilities, the LaserPecker 4 is capable of engraving or cutting virtually any type of material, including plastic, metal, bamboo, glass, stone, and more, making it suitable for creators of all levels The ultimate customization tool.

Fiber lasers are good for engraving metal and plastic, while diode lasers are good for engraving/cutting wood, leather and glass. You will usually need to purchase at least two laser engravers with different light sources to cover all materials.

Big Selling Point of The LaserPecker 4

What if both light sources are integrated on one machine and can be switched within a second depending on the material to be engraved? This sounds like the perfect solution!

By making using lasers fun and easy for beginners and professionals alike, the LaserPecker team has built a loyal global user community. Their growing line of equipment continues to improve and the LaserPecker4 offers the world's easiest dual laser switching solution. Gently swipe the machine's touch screen to switch smoothly between the two laser sources. No complicated setup required; easily gets the job done in seconds.

Engraving Precision Has Been Improved Unprecedentedly

LaserPecker laser engraver never stops evolving. For the first time, LaserPecker4 increases engraving precision to an unprecedented 8K with an accuracy of 0.01mm. With the latest high-speed galvanometer technology, the engraving speed of LaserPecker4 is up to 2000mm/s.

What does 8K (1270 dpi) resolution mean? This means that the image engraved by the LaserPecker 4 will be as vivid as a print, and will be permanently engraved on your object.

With the LaserPecker Slide Extension, the perfect combination of high-speed galvanometer technology and the large-area motion of the CORE XY axis enables the LaserPecker4 to engrave large-area workpieces at high speed.

The working area of the LaserPecker4 expands to an impressive 160*300mm, enough to handle all your ambitious ideas.

LaserPecker 4 is powered by a 10W 450nm blue laser and a 2W 1064nm infrared laser with a peak power of up to 20kw. This powerful integrated laser system combines the upgraded algorithm and high-speed galvanometer technology, which for the first time improves the engraving accuracy to an unprecedented 8K, with an accuracy of 0.01 mm. The engraving speed of LaserPecker4 is as high as 2000mm/s. With the latest high-speed galvanometer technology, it can Generate finer details.

"The success of our previous laser engravers ushered in a new era of creative options for engraving and cutting materials. We pride ourselves on making powerful, user-friendly tools, whether for art, business, or just plain old fun! Now, with Invaluable input from our loyal users and our relentless research and development led us to create the most powerful and versatile laser to date, the LaserPecker 4. It features a more powerful 10W laser and an improved user interface so anyone can use it in a simple, Engraving and cutting in an intuitive and safe way. LaserPecker 4 enables anyone to customize any object and let creativity fly!" - Qingpeng Xie, LaserPecker CEO

Implement a Custom Irregular Cylinder

Now you can customize the irregular cylinder! The Rotary Extension for LaserPecker4 dual laser engraver has three adjustable jaw attachments that support engraving objects from 3mm-200mm in diameter. Whether conical, spherical, cylindrical or toroidal inner or outer walls, the LaserPecker4 can easily rotate and engrave them.

Our 4th generation LaserPecker has also improved its laser cutting performance. Not only the cutting thickness is increased to 8mm, but also the cutting speed and quality have been greatly improved. The LaserPecker4 can quickly and accurately cut 5 mm thick wood boards in one pass.


Safety is a top priority in the design of all LaserPecker products, including the LaserPecker4. If there is a sudden tilt or vibration during the engraving process, or if the engraved object is detected to be overheated, the engraving machine will stop working immediately.

A start code can also be enabled to prevent children from accidentally operating the machine. LaserPecker's shields and goggles block 99.9% of 450nm blue laser and 1064nm infrared laser at the same time, protecting your eyes.

The LaserPecker 4 Handheld Laser Engraver and Cutter is a powerful, compact and portable solution for a variety of laser engraving or cutting tasks. Its user-friendly design, versatile features, and affordable price make it the ultimate tool for creativity, productivity, and fun—all brought to you by industry-leading innovators and the spirit that lets creativity fly!