What are the Advantages of Laser Engraving Machine Compared with Traditional Engraving Machine?

Kevin on 2022-12-01 07:47:01

With the development of laser technology, laser engraver has many advantages over traditional processing methods. Laser engraving machine can improve the engraving efficiency, so that the surface at the carving smooth and round; laser etching high precision, fast, wide range of applications. htpow next tell you what advantages of laser engraving machine compared with traditional engraving machine.

ortur laser master 3

The Development of Laser Engraving Machine

With the popularity and development of laser engraving machine, there are now a lot of home laser engraving machine is also very popular, and the development is very rapid, the market has increased very quickly, of which Ortur is also everyone's favorite brand of laser engraving machine, and in this year released the latest laser engraving machine Ortur Laser Master 3 is also the best laser engraving machine

1, The Laser Engraving Machine Has a Wide Range of Applications

Laser engraving machine can process most metal or non-metal materials. Can be divided into: non-metallic laser engraving machine and metal laser engraving machine. Among them, non-metallic laser engraving machine in the carbon dioxide laser engraving machine can carve and cut almost any non-metallic materials.

2, Laser Engraving Machine Processing Effect is Good

A. High engraving precision
Laser engraving machine processing accuracy up to 0.02mm, according to the computer-related images and patterns can be high-speed engraving and cutting.

B. Narrow cutting
The laser beam of the laser engraving machine is focused into a very small spot, so that the focal point reaches a high power density and the material is rapidly heated to the degree of vaporization and evaporation to form a hole.

C. Smooth, round and burr-free engraving surface
The surface of the material to be processed will be very clean and smooth. Most of the steel, aluminum, alloy and other materials will not show obvious deformation or damage on the surface after laser processing, maintaining the appearance and characteristics of the original material.

D. Non-contact processing
Laser is a non-contact processing, no need to fix the workpiece, will not produce mechanical extrusion or mechanical stress on the material, the material deformation is very small, a large number of material deformation can be controlled within a few percent a millimeter.

E. Consistent processing effect
Laser engraving machine can ensure that the laser processing products in the same batch of results exactly the same.

F、Fast processing speed
Laser engraving machine can be processed at high speed. For thinner stainless steel materials, the processing speed can reach 10-20m/min, and will vary according to different materials and thickness.

3. Energy Saving and Environmental Protection

Laser engraving machine beam and spot diameter is small, generally less than 0.5mm. engraving cutting process to save material, and laser no noise, no pollution.

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