Laser Engraving Ideas For Cups And Trophies

Miao on 2022-10-31 03:01:03

Receiving an award is a very special moment for everyone. But awards ceremonies are only truly unique with individual trophies that give your event a unique feel. Unique trophies, original trophies or personal prizes can quickly become a coveted object in themselves and promote your event to the outside world. 

Thanks to HTPOW, you can not only buy the laser engraver and its accessories, but also enjoy one-stop service on the website. You can enjoy all the services about the laser engraving machine here at HTPOW.

If you are looking for customized products, we not only provide you with various brands of laser engraving machines, but also provide you with our many years of expertise in the field of engraving machine customization. For example, it makes sense to engrave trophies or cut acrylic trophies individually.

cup with engraving

You still don't have a concrete idea, what should your trophy look like and need inspiration to implement? Then we're here to introduce you to some of the possibilities.

Which Materials Are Suitable For Designing Trophies?

The trophy or trophy must always match the event or sponsor, so the material should also be consistent.

  • Acrylic/Plexiglass
  • Plastic
  • Wood
  • Stainless steel
  • Aluminum
  • Brass
  • Stone (marble, slate)
  • Glass


Of course, different materials can also be easily combined. You can decide the look according to your wishes and budget ideas. For example, trophies can also be freely combined from different elements in a modular way and always produce new and exciting combinations in a simple way.

We have extensive experience in one-off and low-volume as well as high-volume production for private and commercial clients.

Cup Ideas

  • Challenge Trophy
  • Fire brigade trophy
  • Dart Cup
  • Football trophy
  • Tennis cup
  • Bowling trophy
  • Championship Trophy
  • Team Trophy
  • Awards ceremony trophy
  • Seniority or Special Achievement Award

personalized cup with laser engraver


Mug With Laser engraved As a Gift

If you want to design your own mug or trophy, the combination of Sculpfun S10 laser cutting, laser engraving and UV printing offers many exciting options. Laser engravers can cut your event logo precisely and cleanly from acrylic or wood, achieve exciting effects by engraving, and bring color to your event by UV printing. Classic bases made of high-quality walnut or granite can be easily combined and upgraded with modern materials and shapes. Alternatively, you can leave out the base at all and use a fancy layered design to create a trophy that creates a unique lighting effect with multiple overlay graphics.

Personalized Trophies

Of course, in addition to Sculpfun, we also offer engraving machines from brands such as Atomstack and Ortur, you can easily design your personalized engraving at home. You can also give medals, decorative panels or displays a modern and unique look according to your ideas. You can also make individual plaque and lid engravings with the Sculpfun S9.


Order From HTPOW - Your Benefits

Whether it's athletic achievement, outstanding scientific discovery or a special commitment at work: with the engraving machine engraving a unique trophy, your awards ceremony will be an unforgettable event.


Your Advantages At a Glance

  • Personalised products and advice
  • Machining different materials quickly and precisely
  • Offers suitable for single pieces and large series(Sculpfun S30 Pro Max)
  • Modern technology and years of expertise
  • Super fast delivery