HTPOW Brings Laser Cutting And Engraving Machine To Consumers

2022-11-07 08:03:09

CHINA, October 7, 2022 - HTPOW will use its own capabilities to bring multifunctional laser cutting and engraving systems to the consumer market this year. Cooperate with multiple brands to bring easy-to-use and cost-effective laser engraving machines to consumers

This round of cooperation includes companies such as LaserPecker, xTool, Atomstack, Ortur, Sculpfun and HTPOW, and the participants also include companies such as desktop 3D printer manufacturers Creality and Two Trees. It enables HTPOW to hire and develop new businesses to bring more benefits to consumers. A good laser engraving experience allows consumers to buy all the required laser engraving machine brands at HTPOW, and can have a good price.

On behalf of the laser engraving machine models are

  1. Ortur Laser Master 3
  2. LaserPecker 2
  3. xTool D1 Pro
  5. Atomstack s20 pro

Unlike 3D printers, which slowly build objects out of plastic threads, lasers cut and etch products from materials such as wood, leather, foam, paper, and fabric. Examples of objects it can create include custom leather bags, unique jewelry, unique hardwood light fixtures, and decorative smartphone engravings.

"HTPOW is so simple and allows everyone to participate in the joy of laser engraving improving people's lives, so much so that my kids rushed over to make toys and started playing with results in minutes. It's powerful and precise enough to set​​ ​Designers, engineers and architects can create finished products of higher quality than you'll find in a store.
Make HTPOW a paradise for every DIY enthusiast, let them experience any content and creativity related to laser engraving and 3D printing, and make htpow the home of every DIY enthusiast.