How is Laser Engraving Changing The Industry?

Kevin on 2022-10-31 01:12:28

laser engraving changing industry

Carving has been a part of human history for many years. The earliest signs of engraving date back to 60,000 BC. in the Middle Stone Age. Engraving becomes a channel for information recording. And some humans use sculpture to create. Various materials such as wood, stone, metal, bone, and even eggshells have been used for carving.

Glass Carving, Past and Present

For a long time, sculpting used sharp objects and hand tools such as hammers. This work is time-consuming, inaccurate, and delicate. This requires great skill and patience. For example, engraving on glass is tedious work, and the chances of it breaking are very high. With the invention of new technologies such as laser engraving, the same job has become easier.

Compared to traditional engraving, laser technology is still far ahead. When engraving wood, marble, plastic, etc. with mechanical tools, it is nearly impossible to get a clean cut. These tools leave rough edges. On the other hand, laser engraver provide clean cuts that do not require finishing. The end result was smooth. Plus, laser engraving on glass, wood, plastic, and almost any other material takes just seconds.

Laser engraving machines are more popular than mechanical engraving machines. Laser engraving machines can achieve high precision that mechanical engraving machines cannot match. In addition, laser engravers save time and cost, making them popular. Laser engraving is extremely versatile and can be used for heavy industrial, commercial and home engraving. By automating the engraving process, repeatability and accuracy are unmatched. All these combined advantages make laser technology the first choice for engraving.

The ability to customize specific projects, protect intellectual property, and include higher-level security measures is driving the growth of laser engraving for industrial applications.

In addition to being used for small businesses looking to add a logo or specific branding to their interior items, laser engraving offers a way to leave permanent marks on items in the industrial sector, countering counterfeit or replicas.

Laser engraving is a process in which a laser beam physically removes a surface layer of a material to expose a cavity that displays an image that the human eye can see. The process is quick and most laser engravers can handle almost any kind of metal and many materials.

One of the largest segments in the laser engraving industrial market is the identification security area, where laser engraving is ideal for credit cards, ID cards, sensitive documents, and other items that require enhanced security measures. In ID cards, the multi-layer format is used to change the color of the underlying paint without affecting the top transparent layer. This ensures products are fraud-free, generates high-quality images and text, and is tamper-proof, traceable, and customizable to each organization's needs.

But this is just the beginning of what laser engraving offers for industrial businesses looking to improve their operations. Laser engraving can provide serial number engraving, time stamping, part numbers, component labels, barcode etching, data matrix code marking, branding and industry specific codes. Laser engraving machine provides a very high quality mark that can be easily read by barcode scanners, RFID scanners or other inventory tracking tools.

Not surprisingly, laser engraving cutting has become an essential tool for part identification, inventory control and tracking, safety and warning notifications, and loss prevention. As a result, many new industrial fields—including robotics, 3D printing, inventory management, banking, security, government agencies, and the automotive industry—are beginning to flock to laser engraving to provide an extra layer of security.

Benefits of Laser Engraving

There are many benefits to personalizing and commercial marking with the LaserPecker 2 laser engraver.

First, fiber or galvo systems can laser etch almost any bare or coated metal, including stainless steel, machine tool steel, brass, copper, nickel, silicon, titanium, aluminum, and more. Regardless of which metal an industry uses to make a specific part, a fiber or galvo system can mark it.

Parts rack

Second, whether you're engraving one piece at a time or an entire table, laser engraving has you covered. Depending on workpiece size and table size, laser engraving allows hundreds of workpieces to be engraved at once. This is especially important when making ID cards or engraving barcodes on specific parts that need to be done quickly.

Find the right machine

The laser engravers most commonly used in industry are the aforementioned fiber laser systems or galvo systems, which are primarily designed for bare metal marking. Galvo systems are generally faster in the laser engraving process, but tend to be smaller.

Ortur Laser Master 3 is the latest fiber laser engraving machine launched by Ortur, which can carry out laser marking on a larger working area without affecting the engraving effect, because you can choose this machine with confidence, of course, if you have If you need cutting, then you can also choose the xTool D1 Pro 20W machine, which can cut 10mm wood at one time.

In traditional galvo systems, users are either confined to a small work area with a set focus range, or they need appropriate safety features to use a Class IV open laser in their business.

xTool D1 Pro Opens Its Doors

While fiber laser systems are not as fast as galvo systems, they provide a generous workspace and are ideal for marking on tables full of parts/components. Fiber lasers are manufactured with tables of various sizes and can mass-produce multi-piece marked objects on virtually any metal or engineering plastic

Get Engraving Cutting Machines

Whether an extra layer of security is needed to prevent intellectual property fraud or duplication, or the industry just needs to speed up the time it takes to etch a barcode or other identification label onto a specific part, it can be brought to market without any heavy lifting or extensive training.

If you are interested in more information about laser engraving machines, please contact the staff of HTPOW, we will give you the most professional and effective reference to see which option is suitable for your situation.