Crafty Use of Laser Engraver And Laser Cutter

Miao on 2022-10-31 04:12:35

Would you like to personalize various items so you can give them away as special gifts or exclusive promotions? Then the possibilities of Sculpfun laser engraver are just for you!

Laser engraving provides a fast, high-quality and durable way to mark a variety of materials and objects. Using an intense laser beam, engraving is applied to objects through controlled and targeted material removal. Compared to mechanical engraving, laser engraving is non-contact and therefore also suitable for sensitive workpieces.

With the Sculpfun S30 Pro Max laser engraving machine, even complex engraving patterns can be achieved easily and precisely. Lasers impress with their high processing speed and flexibility. The appearance of laser engraving depends on the starting material, which we'll go into in more detail in the "How It Works" section.

You can convince you of the many possibilities of laser engraving and find out what we can do with wood, metal, acrylic and more in the many categories on our blog.


What can you laser engrave?

The Sculpfun S10 laser engraver machine can handle a wide variety of materials without problems, as long as their surfaces are as flat as possible.

Materials suitable for laser engraving such as:

  • Acrylic and Plastic
  • slideshow
  • glass and mirror
  • wood
  • leather
  • Metal (stainless steel, brass, anodized aluminum, chrome, silver, or other metals in an array)
  • Paper, cardboard and cardboard
  • Stone (slate, marble, basalt, concrete)
  • rubber stamp
  • Textiles (felt, cotton, silk, wool, kevlar, denim, wool, polyester, linen, lace, shell, leather)

Depending on the material, logos, text or images can be engraved into the corresponding material.

Therefore, the Sculpfun S9 laser engraver is suitable for making personalised engraved gifts, designing your own trophies, making (commercial) inscriptions or displaying your own branding on various items. We have extensive experience in one-off and low-volume as well as high-volume production for private and commercial clients.

laser engraving-idea

Laser Engraving Ideas

You can use laser engraving to create a new generation of personalized products. after a few seconds

  • Burn Poems on Apples
  • Create unique belts
  • Unique jewelry made of wood and plastic
  • Small laser sign or label with company logo
  • Decorate the various products of our laser engraving shop with names
  • Create unique trophies 
  • Complete your own items with personalized designs.

Thanks to modern technology, there are virtually no limits to your laser engraving creativity.

Personalized engraving with a laser engraver means standing out from the crowd.

How Does a Laser Engraving Machine Work?

During the laser engraving process, the top layer material is heated and evaporated immediately. This will not attack surrounding materials. In this way, fine laser engraving is possible even on highly flammable materials such as paper. Depending on the material, different effects can be created in the material. For example, material removal can create dark dents in wood or leather, jewelry and metal objects, and glass or acrylic products can be engraved.

Additionally, annealing can be used to engraving laser machine stainless steel without removing material and to create a noticeable color change on plastic surfaces by foaming the material.

what can you laser engrave

Advantages Of Laser Engraving

Laser engraving has many advantages over mechanical engraving: Laser engraving has absolutely sharp outlines, is accurate down to the smallest detail, and can be reproduced exactly over and over again. In contrast to imprinting, laser engraving is as permanent as the carrier material, chemical-free and environmentally friendly. This is how the engraving machine can engrave your unusual products and promotional gifts in a particularly eco-friendly way.

  • Non-contact, gentle handling
  • Engraving is permanent and chemical free compared to printing
  • You can process different materials quickly and precisely
  • easily reproducible results
  • This is how to create unique (promotional) gifts and design objects
  • We accept single and series orders
  • Super fast delivery anywhere in the world