Stone Laser Applications for Laser Engraver

Miao on 2022-10-26 06:21:40

Stone engraving is not as popular as metal engraving , but that may be because few people know how much is possible with stone engraving. Laser engraver can provide excellent engraving results depending on the material. On this blog, you can find everything you need to know if you want to laser engrave stone.

Applications For Stone Engraving

The types of stone are particularly suitable for laser engraving:

  • Slate
  • Marble and
  • Basalt

Granite can also be laser engraved, but the results depend largely on the structure and color of the granite.

Applications For Stone Engraving

If you want to engrave stone, you can choose.

  • Decorative items
  • Stone for commemorative purposes
  • Name tags
  • Flowing water
  • Flagstones for buildings
  • Gemstones

Polished, smooth and homogeneous stone surfaces are particularly suitable for designing stones with engravings.  Ideally, these stones are also dark natural stones so that the carvings can be clearly seen. Even the Sculpfun S9 with only 5W of power can do the engraving.

Markings, labels and inscriptions can be applied by Sculpfun laser engraving machine to floors, stairs and exterior wall panels. Laser engraving on wall tiles or kitchen countertops is also possible.

Other typical applications for laser engraving on stone are decorations and lettering applied to stone objects. One can envisage decorative objects made of stone, such as our large slate or carved stones for graves. For this purpose, engraved stone hearts are a gesture of love.

It is even possible to laser engrave an image on the stone or to have your logo printed on it. Stones with names are also popular, and they are often placed on seats as wedding and milestone birthday gifts.

How Stone Laser Engraving Works

Stone engraving does not require a stencil, for example, not for the sandblasting process. During the laser engraving process, the surface of the stone is slightly melted and removed. The more uniform and finer the particles of the stone, the better the laser engraving results, which is reflected in the matte appearance of the stone. Sculpfun S10 laser engraves large stone surfaces to achieve the best results . However, as you can see from our example picture of the stone, even small stones can be individually engraved on them to create truly stunning effects.

Unfortunately, deep laser engraving on stones and laser cutting stones is not possible.

Advantages Of Laser Engraved Stone

Advantages Of Laser Engraved Stone

Fast, clean processing without stencils and dust

Material-friendly, non-contact processing with minimal risk of breakage

Precise and fine engraving results, even for large areas

Engraving is a long-lasting, weather-resistant finish

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