Laser Engraving For Metal

Miao on 2022-10-26 02:09:08

Today, many household items, household goods and jewelry products are made of metal because metal is strong and usually impervious to weather . However, not only are everyday items and decorative items often made of metal, but signs and plaques are generally made of stainless steel or brass.

Due to this diversity of applications for different metals, metal engraving is one of the most popular laser jobs. With laser engraving and possibly laser cutting of metals, you can buy a laser engraving machine now on the HTPOW website and get inspired by the videos or blogs in this website to understand what laser engraving machines can achieve and what metal engraving can be used for! The following are the uses of metal engraving.

  • plaques or signs
  • electronic devices
  • plaques
  • jewelry
  • decorative items etc.

Applications Of Laser Engraving On Metal

Metal is the ideal substrate for laser engraving because particularly sharp contours can be achieved on it. This allows the laser engraver to produce the engraving pattern you desire in detail and precisely, even in small areas. Depending on the material and the engraving method, different engraving effects can be achieved. In addition to text and logos, you can also upload your own photos and graphics and have them laser engraved on metal.

Laser Marking Of Metals For Product Identification

Laser engraving of metals is particularly suitable for marking and coding industrial products due to the fast, flexible and precise processing of the material. We can mark metals, even on the smallest parts, with

  • plaques or signs
  • electronic devices
  • plaques
  • jewelry
  • decorative items etc.

Personalization Of Electronic Devices

Sensitive electronic products and devices can be engraved with laser engraving as metal laser engraving does not require any contact with the workpiece to be engraved, so engraving can be done without contact. Only the housing is processed and refined to a high standard.

Tempering engraving is particularly suitable for laser marking of metals in the following fields

Medical technology

In other hygienic areas (because here the metal is recolored by a targeted thermal effect and therefore no dents or burrs are formed)

  • Smartphones
  • Laptop computers
  • Headphone housings
  • Other electronic accessories, such as power packs

Personalization Of Electronic Devices

Signs and plaques

Metal engraving is also suitable if you want to design a durable and high quality logo. In our Signs and Plaques category, we offer you a large selection of metal signs that you can decorate with your personal engraving.

Jewelry and Lifestyle Items

Laser engraver for metal is also a great way to turn jewelry or metal promotional items such as rings and pendants into one-of-a-kind items. Whether it's a one-off or mass production. HPTOW will be happy to make any metal laser engraving imaginable happen for you! For inspiration, we have included products from our lifestyle and accessories section in our store for your reference.

Overview Of Common Applications

  • Plaques or signs
  • Electronic devices
  • Plaques
  • Jewelry
  • Decorative items, etc.


Functionality For Laser Engraving Of Metal

Do you want to know how laser engraving machines actually engrave metal? Do you want to know if laser engraver machine can also be used to refine the metal you want by engraving?

In principle, all types of metal are suitable for laser engraving, no matter what

  • stainless steel
  • brass
  • Anodized aluminum
  • chrome
  • silver 
  • or other metal arrangements

 For metal laser engraving, we use Sculpfun S10, which is suitable for all kinds of metals and it can bring intricate and detailed engraving on almost any metal surface in a very short time without contact. Sculpfun is a good choice of laser engravers.

With metal engraving, the desired engraving can be achieved by removing the material or by annealing. The material removed can be as thin as 0.1 mm, so even sensitive workpieces can be engraved easily and quickly.

In the case of stainless steel, annealing can cause oxidation of the material surface, which then appears as a dark to black color change. Here no material is removed, so there are no edges or burrs and the characteristics of stainless steel are retained.

The colored anodized layer is partially removed by the laser, which usually produces a white or light-colored, very high-contrast engraving effect. When engraving anodized aluminum, even grayscale photos can be displayed.

When engraving colored lacquered metals with a laser, only the lacquer layer is removed, while the underlying metal is exposed. In this way, the metal engraving takes on the color of the metal.

Functionality For Laser Engraving Of Metal


Your Advantages When Laser Engraving Metal

  • Precise, clean processing and finishing of metal parts
  • Engraving can be done on a variety of metals
  • Personalization of standard items is fast and easy
  • This is how unique (promotional) gifts are created
  • We accept single and series orders
  • Precise representation of serial numbers, codes, etc. on even the smallest parts in industrial applications
  • For non-contact engraving on sensitive electronics
  • Tempered engraving for material-friendly and burr-free marking
  • Compared to printing, laser engraving is permanent


There are also many standard metal products in the home kettle and thermos category that are just waiting for you to personalize them! For individual cuts and questions about laser engraving on metal, you can contact us and we would like to answer everything for you.

By the way: Sculpfun S9 can engrave all kinds of materials; metal, acrylic, slate, leather, wood and even concrete to name a few. If you need to engrave more complex materials, then you can choose the Sculpfun S30 Pro Max, this engraver has a laser power of 20W and can handle more complex jobs.