Glass Engraving Tutorial For Beginners

Miao on 2022-10-25 22:30:02

Many kitchens and household products are made of glass, a material that is also widely used in the decorative field. This is not surprising, as glass is durable, timeless, sometimes very elegant, and practical in many areas as well.

 Because of this diversity of applications, glass engraving is one of the most popular laser jobs.

Advantages of glass engraving


Applications For Engraving On Glass

Laser engraving on glass offers a wide range of design options. For example, floral photos, graphics and logos can even be printed directly on them.

  • Beverage glasses
  • Bottles.
  • Mirrors
  • Glass plates
  • Water pipe
  • Vase
  • Lanterns

Engraved glass gifts are suitable for all occasions. A congratulatory laser-engraved wine or champagne bottle for a wedding or anniversary is always an extraordinary personalized gift. But many people also want to have their glass laser engraved for their birthday or Christmas.

 But engraved logos on glasses and bottles for corporate events, catering, or as promotional gifts are also always a highlight.

Laser engraved mirrors are suitable as an eye-catcher both at home and in the commercial sector. The effect achieved by removing the reflective foil can be used in a variety of ways such as by backlighting or subsequent painting.

 Laser cutting of glass and engraving of glass interiors is not possible. Likewise, we cannot engrave heat-resistant glass, such as for latte macchiato glasses.

How Laser Engraved Glass Works

In contrast to the sandblasting process, laser engraving of glass can be done without the use of a template. By laser engraving machine, the surface of the glass is slightly removed and roughened. The result of laser engraving will give an appearance similar to milk glass or white matte. This means that precise details can also be optimally displayed on the glass without affecting its stability.

 Circular text and graphics on glass and bottles can also be achieved with the help of circular engraving. With rotary engraving, the bottle or glass is automatically rotated during the laser engraving process so that the entire circumference of the object can be used. The glass body does not have to be cylindrical, conical objects can also be engraved in all directions.

Applications for engraving on glass

Advantages Of Glass Engraving

Accurate and fast engraving without templates

Bottles and glass can be engraved in the round, and Sculpfun laser rotary roller works perfectly with the Sculpfun S10 laser engraver to engrave round objects.

Non-contact laser engraving prevents tension in the glass, minimizing the risk of breakage

Glass is a versatile material that can be personalized quickly and easily

This is how unique (promotional) gifts and design items are created

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