About Laser Engraving For Wood

Miao on 2022-10-18 22:51:22

Which types of wood are suitable for laser processing?

Since wood is a natural material, the laser user must take into account various characteristics such as density and resin content during processing.

Basically, the more even the coloring and grain of the wood, the better and more even the laser engraving.

Overview of suitable types of wood for laser engraving and laser cutting

Softwoods These types of wood, such as balsa wood or poplar, require less laser power and can be engraved and cut more quickly. The engraving creates less contrast - it is rather light.
hardwood On the other hand, these types of wood such as oak or cherry, as examples of dense woods, require more laser power for cutting and engraving. The engraving itself will have more contrast than on softwood.
softwoods These types of wood, such as larch or fir, are not very suitable for laser engraving. They usually have many uneven grains, which are usually very hard. However, the surrounding wood (“non-grain”) is rather soft, which is why it is difficult to find the right parameters.
veneers They are made of real wood and therefore have the same engraving properties as solid wood panels.
plywood It consists of at least three layers of wood, the grain of which is glued and pressed at an angle of 90°. Plywood is made of different types of wood and is offered in a wide variety of thicknesses. The type of glue is important for laser processing - especially for laser cutting . Choose white glued plywood or plywood specially made for laser processing.
MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard) MDF is a homogeneous wood-based material, which is made from finely defibrated, mainly bark-free coniferous wood by means of gentle longitudinal and transverse compression. The surface and edges are smooth and firm. MDF is therefore easy to engrave and laser cut. However, it should be noted that the cut edges become very dark during laser processing.

What do you have to consider when laser engraving and laser cutting wood?

Material preparation

The sticky dust that is created by lasering the wood should not stick to the engraving object either. Simply stick an application tape on the processing surface. This serves as short-term surface protection and can easily be engraved. After laser processing, it is removed again. Application Tape works well for engraving larger areas and when cutting. However, it is not suitable for photo engraving or very fine engraving, as many small parts have to be removed later. When choosing the application tape, make sure it is PVC-free and that it can be removed again.

Correct optics

Lasering wood is a sublimation process. Exact focusing and choosing the right optics are therefore particularly important. A distinction must be made between engraving and/or cutting. Please note when engraving: The finer the details, the shorter the focal length of the lens used should be. As a rule, 1.5" or 2.0" lenses are suitable for almost any laser engraving on wood. The situation is different when cutting. The material thickness plays an important role here. The thicker the material, the longer the focal length of the lens used. For 3mm thick wood we recommend using the 2" lens, from 6mm thick we recommend the 2.5" lens.

Compressed air

Switching on compressed air is recommended, especially for laser cutting of wood. A small diameter nozzle should be used to protect the lens. In addition, the small nozzle diameter guides the compressed air directly into the cutting gap. As a result, dust and gas are discharged more quickly and the cutting quality is significantly improved.


The cleaning of hardware and optics plays a very important role in woodworking. Wood dust is extremely sticky due to the resins and oils it contains and settles in the machine. That is why it is important to clean the machine regularly.

Suitable extraction system

Laser engraving and laser cutting of wood produce dust and gases that must be properly extracted. Therefore, the use of a suitable extraction system is essential.



Sculpfun S10 laser engraver can solve these problems very well. S10 combines advanced high-speed air assist and a 10W high-density laser to show the performance of industrial-grade wood cutting: First, cutting efficiency is greatly improved, and cutting speed is faster; Second, cutting The penetrating power is stronger, and it can cut a lot of high-density wood; Third. The cutting surface is cleaner, and the strong airflow will blow away the residue, so that the surface of the cutting object is free of stains. S10 has high energy density, strong cutting penetration, and engraving ability, which can help you improve your work efficiency. This is a popular model of the Sculpfun brand, if you are interested, you can learn more about it on the HTPOW website.



Permanent advertising, many possible uses

Laser engravings in wood leave a lasting impression. Whether as a business card, design object or company sign: wood is always a good choice and gives your advertising exclusivity. Due to the different nature and structure of this natural material, each product is unique.

Wood can be used almost anywhere as an advertising medium. The spectrum of this creative production method ranges from the classic wooden chute in food retailing to book recommendations lasered into wood to individualized shop fitting elements. By using the latest galvo head laser technology, you can order both individual pieces and series editions.

Application examples

Shopfitting, crafts and specialist wood trade

Paper business cards quickly end up in tray 'P'? It doesn't have to be! Offer your customers real added value and advertise your services at the same time. With the decorative 'Wood Blocks' you not only hand over information about your company, but also convey a haptic taste of your offer through the laser engraving. We engrave our 'Wood Blocks' for you on one or both sides, for example with your logo and company name on the front and with information about your product range or contact persons on the back.


Bookstores and publishers

A real eye-catcher when it comes to book presentation: Real wood with laser-engraved book reviews from your team or the blurb. Ideal for supplementing your book presentation in the sales room, shop window or at the book fair. The formats of these "Book Woods" and their type of wood can be individually adapted. An engraving of the sides/edges as well as the back is also possible and the engraving can be reground if desired.


Specialist and retail trade and gastronomy

High-quality products require a selected and customer-specific presentation. Product logos or descriptions engraved in wood convey the value of your range of goods, especially for ecologically conscious customers.
The 'Wood Blocks' can be set up in the checkout area, on product tables, shelves and in the shop window and are real eye-catchers. Engraving is possible on the front, back and edges. Depending on the type of wood, engravings are lighter or darker.


Relief engraving on wood

Wood is very suitable for relief engraving. For this purpose, shades of gray are converted into different laser powers, resulting in a three-dimensional engraving. Engrave in several passes with relatively high power and then carry out one or two cleaning passes to remove the smoke that has been deposited.

Awards and trophies with wood

Wooden awards can be ideally combined with acrylic glass to create special visual effects. Rustic wood look combined with modern, high-gloss acrylic looks classy and valuable! Laser engravings personalize the awards and emphasize your design.