What Laser Engraving Machine is Good For Eyeglasses Marking?

Kevin on 2022-11-09 09:25:48

With the development of the eyewear industry, major eyewear brands have also started their own custom business. In order to prevent their goods from being imitated, each eyeglass frame will have a corresponding trademark LOGO, which can prevent the product from being imitated and counterfeited, and also promote their brand. The equipment that can play the logo on the glasses should be the laser marking machine. LaserPecker 2 is recommended for laser marking, which can quickly reach the use of small businesses, and the engraving effect is much better than other laser engraving machines.

What Laser Marking Machine is Good For Glasses Marking

Eyeglasses are not only a tool to protect the eyes, but also a beautiful decoration. In order to correct vision or protect the eyes, they can be divided into near-sighted glasses, presbyopic glasses, sunglasses, etc. There are also special glasses for viewing 3D stereoscopic images or virtual reality images. But glasses are easy to lose, so many people mark their glasses well for their personalized glasses. So an excellent LaserPecker 2 laser engraver is your best choice. LaserPecker is an excellent company in the laser engraving industry and is very professional.

Today, due to myopia, presbyopia, shades, radiation protection, and other factors, glasses have become almost a standard pair of hands. I believe that attentive friends will notice that the rim will often appear in some numbers or English.

In fact, this is to identify the material and size of the glasses, as well as the relevant parameters marked on the frames by the glasses manufacturers. With the use of glasses, the words on the frame gradually fall off and become defective, resulting in an instant "price reduction" of glasses.
So in order to better solve this problem, many eyeglass manufacturers are now using laser marking machines to mark the information on the frames.

Which Laser Engraving Machine Is More Suitable For Glass Marking?

At present, the glasses marking machine equipment widely used in the glasses industry are CO2 laser marking machine and fiber laser marking machine, which is widely used in pharmaceutical packaging, food packaging, beverage packaging, textile and leather, wood, handicrafts, electronic components, watches, glasses, printing, and other industries.

LaserPecker laser marking machine output beam quality is good, special laser software is easy to learn and easy to operate. And the laser marking is permanently clear, will not fade, or fall off, and can play an effective anti-counterfeiting role.

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