Why is Laser Engraving Opportunity My Favorite Tool?

Kevin on 2022-11-29 03:36:46

Laser engraving machines are more and more popular with many DIY enthusiasts and personalized customization workers. HTPOW tells you four reasons why a laser engraver will be a hit in your makerspace, makerspace or fabrication lab.

How to build a successful makerspace?

It is the tools in the space that attract users, and the more users your space has, the more successful your space will be. Manufacturers are looking for machines that they cannot personally own, whether for space or money, and the more versatile and unique the machine, the better.

Would you like to use the Ortur Laser Master 3 in your makerspace? You can get many good brands of laser engravers such as Ortur, xTool and LaserPecker at the best price at the HTPOW online store. The convenience and utility of laser engravers has made lasers the most popular devices in their space.

“We have two lasers, including an Ortur Laser Master 3. Laser cutters, more than any other machine, even 3D printers, are usually the most popular tools in makerspaces. They are fast and relatively easy to use, And it can quickly turn the project into reality," the other one is LaserPecker 2, which has a laser engraving speed of 36000mm/min, and can always meet the needs of engraving very well.

4 advantages of laser engraving machine

One of the most common questions new makerspaces face is where to invest their investment – ​​CNC machinery, 3D printers or lasers. While in an ideal world you'd have an unlimited budget and be able to buy all the toys, budgets can certainly limit the options. While these spaces offer makers a variety of hands-on high-tech tools and resources, most of us have heard that lasers are one of the most popular tools in the field. While all of these types of equipment can complement each other well, there are few reasons why a laser cutter might be more sought after.


Laser cutters are fast. Like, very fast. In fact, depending on the size of the project, you can laser cut a prototype in minutes. Add engraving to your project in just minutes.

Easy to Use

Laser training tends to be very fast because it's like printing to paper. You can use most graphic design programs to set up your artwork and send it to the laser. Training is either by more experienced users, or through courses that you require users to take before they are qualified to use the laser.

Material Versatility

Lasers work on a wide variety of materials—wood, acrylic, fabric, cork, rubber, leather, and more. Users can engrave/cut scraps, assembled products, and even cheap corrugated cardboard. 3D printers primarily use plastic. While 3D filaments are generally affordable, if you use specialty filaments, the price can go up.


If you're a makerspace looking to grow your membership, Laser is the place for you. When you're ready to work and project, all you need to do is plug in your materials and hit the start button. Potential members will be overwhelmed by the precision and speed of the laser.

What can a laser cutter do for your current or soon-to-be makerspace? Contact us today to learn more - we'll arrange a hands-on demo for you so you can see for yourself what an incredible addition an Ortur machine can be to your organization.