How Much is Sculpfun S10?

Tina on 2022-10-11 01:31:00

In the semiconductor laser engraving machine industry, 10W laser modules are already on the market in 2021. Many Chinese manufacturers have launched 10W devices, such as Sculpfun and Ortur. Although fiber laser and CO2 laser machines are the most common, but the disadvantages of low energy density, very short service life, high machine price and maintenance cost cannot be ignored. In order to solve all the above problems, today I will introduce a new 10W high-speed air-assisted Laser Engraver - Sculpfun s10 Laser Engraver.

SCULPFUN S10 Laser Engraver

The biggest feature of the device is that it is equipped with a 10W high energy density laser module, which is coupled by two 5W diode lasers into a 10W laser beam. Combined with advanced high-speed air assistance, it greatly shows industrial-grade wood-cutting performance. First, the cutting efficiency is greatly improved, and the cutting speed is faster; second, the cutting penetration is stronger, and it can cut a lot of high-density wood. Cut 10mm thick wood and 5mm thick dark acrylic, cut high-density materials like 10mm walnut and 6mm MDF, easily engrave ceramics and stainless steel, etc.; Third. The cutting surface is cleaner, and the strong airflow will blow away the residue so that the surface of the cutting object does not leave any stains. The mods can be purchased individually for between $260-$290 each.
Check out the photo below to see how clean the engraving is when using the air assist on the Sculpfun S10!

The Sculpfun S10 module is equipped with high-speed air-assisted nozzles. What makes this nozzle different is that it has an advanced hydrodynamic design that makes better use of air pressure. When using the same compressor, the S10 has a faster jet of air. For example, when using a 30L/min, 0.03Mpa air compressor, the S10 nozzle will eject a high-speed airflow of up to 14.5m/s. This will greatly improve cutting penetration and cutting efficiency. The Sculpfun S10 laser module is equipped with air assist with all necessary components except the air assist pump. The Sculpfun AP-30A auxiliary pump is not included with the machine and needs to be purchased separately. The unit price is between $80-$100.

  sculpin s10 laser module bundle

The Y-axis of S10 is designed to be expandable, and the original engraving area is about 400x400mm, but you can buy the S10's y-axis expansion kit to expand the engraving area to 400X950mm, you can get 230% of the engraving area at a very low price, satisfying For your large area engraving or cutting needs, the price of the expansion kit is about $100.

There is also a very important accessory - the honeycomb plate, the air assisted pump works with the honeycomb plate and can bring excellent results for laser engraving and laser cutting of the Sculpfun S10. The waste generated during the engraving and cutting process can be sucked away by air assistance. After using this laser cutting honeycomb table to cut wood, acrylic and other materials, the edges of the material are neat and clean, and it is not easy to be scorched by the laser or smoked yellow, so you can get beautiful Cut works. The price of honeycomb panels is about $40-$90, depending on the size you need.

S10 adopts industrial-grade high-precision linear slide rail X-axis, and the engraving accuracy reaches industrial-grade. Compared with the small details of engraving, the S10 does not have the wavy pattern that other ordinary laser engravers appear. The S10 motherboard uses a 32-bit chip, which has a faster operation speed. It also retains the Z-axis and limit switch functions, which is convenient for everyone to upgrade the laser engraving machine. It still perfectly supports laser cutting software like Lightburn and LaserGRBL. There is a very safe and prominent power switch on the machine, you can quickly turn off the power directly in an emergency. The all-metal body makes the machine very sturdy and durable.

If you want to engrave cylindrical objects, the Sculpfun rotary roller is a great buy! The base is designed to be low and stable, equipped with 4 sturdy metal lifting feet, the engraving diameter is larger, 6-150mm, which can meet more engraving. The unit price is $130 Between $150.

         Y-axis Rotary Roller

Taken together, the Sculpfun S10 is a powerful air-assisted laser engraver that can handle any task you throw at it! Under the same function, it has a competitive price, is durable, and has a very high-cost performance! Priced between $550-$580, make this machine the right workhorse for your hobby or small business!